Installation And Upgrade Of Onshore & Offshore Facilities

Partner with Baskel for your onshore and offshore production facility installation and upgrade needs. Experience excellence in every aspect of your oil and gas projects, as we drive your success forward in the ever-evolving energy landscape

Baskel stands as the premier service provider for the installation and upgrade of onshore and offshore production facilities and platforms in the oil and gas industry. Baskel offers comprehensive solutions that ensure seamless operations, increased efficiency, and enhanced safety across all stages of facility development.

Onshore Services:

Turnkey Facility Installation:

Baskel specializes in turnkey solutions for onshore production facilities. From initial site assessment to construction and commissioning, our experts handle every aspect with precision and efficiency.

Modular Construction:

Leveraging innovative modular construction techniques, we expedite project timelines while maintaining stringent quality standards. Our modular approach reduces site disruptions and enhances cost-effectiveness.

Facility Upgrades and Retrofits:

Aging onshore facilities require modernization to meet evolving industry standards. Baskel's upgrade and retrofit services enhance production capacity, safety features, and environmental compliance.

Process Optimization:

Our team of engineers and experts analyze production processes to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. We implement process optimization strategies to maximize output and minimize operational costs.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Compliance:

Safety is our top priority. Baskel ensures that all onshore installations comply with the highest HSE standards, protecting both personnel and the environment.

Offshore Services:

Offshore Platform Installation:

Baskel is equipped to handle complex offshore platform installations. Our skilled professionals manage logistics, engineering challenges, and safety considerations to ensure a successful deployment.

Brownfield Upgrades:

Revitalize aging offshore platforms with our brownfield upgrade services. We enhance structural integrity, safety features, and production capabilities, extending the life of your assets.

Subsea Systems Integration:

Seamless integration of subsea systems is crucial for offshore production. Baskel's expertise in subsea engineering ensures efficient operations and minimal downtime.

Decommissioning Support:

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Baskel assists in the responsible decommissioning of offshore facilities, adhering to regulatory requirements and environmental best practices.

Offshore Logistics:

Managing offshore logistics is challenging, but our experienced team handles it with precision. From equipment transportation to personnel deployment, we optimize offshore operations for productivity and safety.

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